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What is included in each set up?


Each set up includes

  • a tent

  • air mattress

  • fitted sheet

  • themed blanket

  • themed decorative pillows

  • twinkle lights

  • chalk board name tag

  • decorative banner

  • 3 themed balloons 

  • tray with decorative items

  • the client is required to bring their own sleeping pillow


*Decorative pillows or tray accessories may vary depending on availability and party size

How does it work?

You've picked your theme and Booked your party and now it's time for Little Dreamers to take care of the rest.   We come to your house with all of the supplies and set the party for you at.  Set up takes anywhere between  1-3 hours depending on the size of your party.  

How does Set Up & Take Down work?

Before booking your party please make sure you have adequate space to host the slumber party tents.  Each tent set up is about  4 by 6 feet.  Please make sure the area is clear of furniture and clean by the time we arrive for set up.  We will not be responsible for moving any furniture, toys or clearing out the space.  We bring all of the necessary supplies for your themed party and set it up for you up to 3 hours prior to your event.  You get to enjoy it for the night!  The next day we come back to gather all of our supplies no later than 10:00am.  We are not responsible for cleaning up the party area after take down.  

What about Safety & Cleanliness?

Your child's well being is a priority.  We thoroughly sanitize and spot clean each tent, mattress, decorative pillows and tray accessories.   Each tray is washed and sanitized after use.  The sheets and blankets get washed after each party.  There is a $50 cleaning fee added to each event.    

If you have any other questions or concerns please reach out to us via email or just give us a call.


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