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About Me

Owner & CEO of Little Dreamer Tents LLC


Hello and thank you for checking out my page.  My name is Aleskandra and I'm a busy mom of four amazing young children.  As a former preschool teacher in Winnetka, IL I've spend years creating fun and exciting projects for young children including my own.  Now, I'm ready to take my passion to another level and share my creative side with all of you.  My children love to have sleepover with each other and plan to have one almost every weekend.  One day I decided to surprise them the ultimate sleepover party with teepee tents, twinkle lights, fun throw pillows and incredible accessories.  As I watched my children's faces light up from excitement I knew I wanted to create the same experience for others.  This was a moment I will never forget.  It's ease to say that my children were the inspiration for Little Dreamer Tents.  


I believe that every moment in childhood should be treasured as it goes by way too fast and I know how stressful planning a party can be.  Little Dreamer Tents can take away all the stress and create you the most magical experience for your chidden.  No matter what the occasion may be such as birthday, graduation, sibling party or a family gathering let us take on the party planning and make you the hero for throwing one of the most memorable moments in their lives.   

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