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Sleepover or Picnic Party Add-Ons

At Little Dreamer Tents, we believe that every event deserves that extra touch of magic. That's why we're excited to offer an array of beautiful add-on options to elevate your SLEEPOVER or PICNIC party experience to new heights!  Picture-perfect balloon arch add a whimsical charm to any setting, creating a picture perfect backdrop for your celebrations.  We will work with you to customize your balloon arch and backdrop to match your desired color and theme for your event.  Add a little extra pizazz to your celebration and surprise your guests with a karaoke machine where you will sing and dance the night away.  With these enchanting add-ons, Little Dreamer Tents ensures that every moment of your special occasion is filled with wonder and delight. 

Balloon Backdrops

We offer two types of Balloon Backdrops that will compliment any party and theme.  Your choice of a 9ft by 9ft semi-circle or an 8ft by 6ft rectangle arch backdrop.  Price depends on the color, size and length of the balloon garland. 

9 ft x 9 ft Semi-Circle Backdrop
$75 - $100

8 ft x 6 ft Rectangular Backdrop
$75 - $100

Teepee or Picnic Balloon Garland
 $25 - $45

Our Balloon Garland is especially designed to match your color theme and will be the perfect addition to your sleepover or picnic event.   Price dependents on the length of garland.  

Karaoke Machine & Strobe Lights
$ 50

Create an amazing and fun atmosphere with our Karaoke Machine and Strobe lights.  The Karaoke Machine is equipped with two microphones, speaker lights and with a blue-tooth connection.  Our Strobe Lights come with various light options and two remote controls that give you the power to adjust the lights to your liking. 

Karaoke Machine & Lights
Karaoke Machine & Lights
Karaoke Machine & Lights
Karaoke Machine & Lights
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